Absence Policy for Tryouts

Tryout Absence Policy

To be eligible to be placed on highest level team in age group, player must attend tryouts or submit medical exemption that includes a doctors note within 48 hours of first day of tryout date. A player’s past participation (number of years, along with level of play) will factor into decisions made by the committee.

The following criteria shall be followed (for ALL absent players):

1. The absent player shall receive a total score of zero (0) for the tryouts

2. The absent player will always have to be a coach pick (outside of locked players)

3. Injury absence must require a letter from the player’s doctor stating severity of the injury, recovery time expected and completeness of recovery.

Player with NO previous FLBA history and medical exemption (1st year in program/prior year cut):

1. Player eligible to be a pick only at the lowest level of completion established at level for which they are registered (A or AA only)

Player WITH previous FLBA history and medical exemption (played with FLBA prior year):

1. Player eligible to be a pick only at the same level of competition at which they played the previous year OR a pick at a lower level of competition (player cannot be picked for a higher level of competition than what was participated in the previous year).

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